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Kimber vs Springfield

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So what's the verdict?

My local shop doesn't carry Kimbers anymore because of bad experiences with Kimber's customer service. The Springers they have are 800+.

Two of the guys at Cabela's said Kimber was a little better.

I'm going to Cabela's tommorow to buy a Kimber custom for 739.00. Sound like a good deal?

I would really appreciate your input on this one.

Oh yeah I'm selling the pt1911 to a friend. The pistol was a great shooter but it lacked the refinement I thought I didn't care about.
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I don't think it matters too much. If I had the choice, which I don't living in MA, I would go Springfield. Before you buy, look at S&W 1911.

What refinements are you looking for that the PT didn't have? If it is a good shooter, you should keep it. are you looking for better slide/frame fit, better accuracy. better finish...etc
Adler said:
Id go springfield, those guys at IMBEL in Brazil sure know how to make their guns. But I would have a SIG, Glock, or S&W 99 in 45acp well before the 1911 due to the mag capacity, high center of gravity, weight, grip safety, and internal extractor. The fact is the 1911 is an Edwardian era design, and although popular I feel its more out of nostalgia than anything.
I disagree also. Its popular because it works. There is a reason why the 1911/2011 is the most popluar run shot in USPSA, it has an amazing trigger, points naturally and if well designed and fitted, will run 100%.

The problem with reliability is that everyone and their mother now makes a 1911 and mags there are alot of quality control problems, and since the design relies heavily on the mag, you have alot of issues with out of spec mags.

I have a 1911 with an external extractor, works very well when designed S&W Not Kimber. I have a 2011 with an internal extractor (an Aftec) works awesome.

The 1911 has 35K rounds thru it with the only malfunctions being reloading mistakes or dirty mags.

the 2011 has run 10K with the only failure being reload mistake, dirty mags and mag lips out of spec
Edd said:
Sorry to push this again but who has the edge Springfield or Kimber?
It is hard to say. alot depends on who was fitting the gun that day. Personally I dislike Kimber, mainly because of people that I have delt with in the past thinking that the gun was the best ever made. I do not own either, so this is just a biased opinion. Get the one that you like best, either will run great or may not run great. its kinda a crap shoot these days.
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