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Just picked up my new back up pistol.

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I just came back from the range to test out my new back up pistol. This Kahr P45 is so slim for a .45 ACP and accurate to boot. The double action is so smooth on this pistol, it makes fast and accurate hits easy. At 25 yards it prints an easy 3" with Cor-Bon 230gr JHP +P ! The Cor-Bon 185 gr +P DPX loads printed in the 3" range too. Overall I'm impressed.

Another DAO .45 thats been impressing me :)

My old duty pistol. Custom Shop Kimber 1911 (61,500 rounds and still ticking!)

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illogical said:
Very nice. 61,500 rds through the Kimber? That's a fair few ;-)
All springs were changed every 5K rounds to keep things running fine.

My Les Baer Premier 2 has 80,050 already and the slide to frame fit, as well as barrel to slide fit is still alot tighter than my Kimber.
brucelee said:
Congrats Ray! I've always liked the compact Khars... I've only shot a couple, but from what I've gathered from my time with them was nothing but a positive experience. I love the way .45 ACP feels through that frame... Just feels like it was "meant to be". Hahaha... If that makes any sense.

What M1A is that in the backrgound? :)

The Kahr P45 really impressed me! Awesome when it's hot as hell outside or at the beach :). Also, it's so slim that it's a joy to carry.

The M1A is the one I built on a S.A. receiver. Barnett medium contour barrel (6 groove rifling), Super Sniper Scope (16 X 42), Leupold QRW rings, Smith Enterprise Scope mount, Sadlak guide rod, bedded M14 synthetic stock. Dialed in with Black Hills 175 gr. Match ammo. :D
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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