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Just got back from my dealer :)

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Just got back from my dealer. Put the order in for a Spring M1A and a Sig P226 in .357SIG. As soon as I get them in (thursday) I'll post some pics from the range for all you guys. :twisted:
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Holy shit, the P226 shoots like a fucking dream. The only thing I can hit better with is my 1911's. I still haven't shot the M1A yet, got a shitload of surplus rounds for when I do, though. I'll post pics once I get my laptop fixed, as that's the computer I do all of my picture shit on.
If I get the job for which I have an interview for this Monday, I will be purchasing an M1A Scout. :D Can't afford another pistol you rich bastard! :mad:
Brucey...whats the job your aiming for?
Adler said:
Brucey...whats the job your aiming for?

Sent you a PM.
Got my laptop working again, here's a couple pics of my new guns sitting on my couch/bed. The pics are kind of huge, so just bear with it (at least you get high detail wiht them, though).

and a slightly different angle....

Let the drooling begin.
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And these would be you guys' tax dollars hard at work. :wink:
Better that than another 3 martini lunch for Ted Kennedy. :)
Oh damn... Thats something I have always wanted was an M1A or an M-14 but I cant bring myself to get one of the newer ones. Very nice looking rifle you got there very nice.
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