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Just Finished My Academic Journal Article

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Its on the backstory of the Maxim Machine Gun. Its the rought draft so please let me know what you think. It wouldnt post well on here so I blogged it on my Myspace account.

Here is the URL. Please comment on here. This one will work sorry about that.
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the link is messed up it sent me to my own blog
Fixed the link...use the new one.
Interesting reading, I enjoyed it alot,

Some pictures would help with the explanation of how the gun works

and I didn't know if you want us to proof read or not so I did
but I'm not an english teacher, so that it for what its worth

Under footnote 17, catch is written twice

PAragrapgh below footnote 29 says hand fire instead of hang

after footnote 37 his quote should have quotes " "

In the conclusion, the is a period missing
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Its a rough draft only. I have pictures of the patent drawings but have to send them in for the publisher to decide to use or not.

I just thought it would be a nice little educational paper for some. I mean the guy almost invented the light bulb, did invent the machine gun, and almost beat the Wright brothers on flying after he sold his gun worldwide and lost interest in it.

The mising period is there just didint transfer well to my blog...odd, the same was with the quote marks

But thanks for the hand fire and double "catch" I typed this thin in one day and was pretty tired by teh end of it.
Very nice, it's like a text version of one of the American Rifleman series I got in the mail the other day.. "Ten guns that changed the world".
I have that as well....its just a history channel episode. I was originally going to do something on mausers but most of the records didnt survive the war and when Shotgun news came out with a special mauser edition it killed demand for an article.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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