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Just bought an SU-16.

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Went to a local gun show yesterday with my dad with no real intention of buying. I saw this with a tag of $425. I offered $400 + tax. Sold.

Came with 2x 30rd Mags + 2x 10rd Mags + Hard case.

Rifle is in excellant shape with only very minor surface rust on barrel. Came clean with some cleaner and oil.

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Need more storage.......

Can I see one with a Delta-C on it; please?
Mach5 said:
Here's a cool review. The more I read about these the more...I want one.
I have been curious about this rifle for a long time.

Thank you for posting this review.

This would be a great "trunk" gun.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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