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Just an idea for gun design.

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We have had titanium, scadmium, and aluminum for a long time now, but I wonder why magnesium is not used more, especially on low stress parts due to its great corrosion resistance and heat dissipation qualities. I mean if they can use it for rims and engine casings on race cars in place of aluminum why not on a pistol, shotgun, or rifle.

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Alloying and heat treating can and will change properties. Plus the model 85 is a snuby 6 shot. I doubt that it would ever get that hot in any practical situation. You can get any gun so hot it fails, but rarely is it practical.

I don't know how they do it, all I know is that the guy said it was magnesium framed, and forged.

Either he was mistaken or he is right, shoot Taurus an email and ask.
Aren't there methods to make pure alloys though ?
I am sure that there is some element they add to it that decreases its ability to combust at 500 degrees and therefore raises its temperature. Just look at how iron or aluminum is effected by adding elements and how that effects chemical reactions in the metal. With how many alloys out there, god knows what they put in it, but it it were dangerous it would never hit the SHOT show or the market.
i did a little more reading and it looks like solid magnesium (even pure) has a good temperature threshold. its only when its powdered or cut into thin ribbons that it becomes more volatile. something to do with density vs surface area.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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