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Hey guys,

I just got these two from my dad and am trying to find more information about them, especially in the way of spare parts and values.

What I've got is a Iver Johnson Model 855 .22LR top break dual action revolver. The bluing is in great shape (except for the cylender) and the action is smooth.

The other one is a High Standard Model H-D Military. It's the long model. .22LR semi-auto. The safety lever is missing and it needs a serious cleaning. The bluing is quite worn and needs to be re done.

The only real information I have is the Iver Johnson was registered in 1956 (I have the registration papers) and then was at some point sold or given to my grandfather and then he gave it to my great grandfather before he died. Then my dad and mom ended up with it before they just gave it to me.

The High Standard, I have no idea as to it's history.

Any information anyone can pass on would be great!

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The Iver Johnson is maybe a 250-300 dollar gun to the right person. They never hodl their value much since they were a bare bones cheap gun company outside the nice M1 carbines they made commercially.

As for the High Standard it probably wotn have much value since its missing parts and when you replace parts on a military gun it kills value, plus the finish is worn well so that isnt going to help much. If you reblue it, it will completely kill collector value. I woudl fix it, clean it, and reblue it and keep it to shoot with.

You have two decent shooters but not much in the way of collector value. I see Iver Johnson top breaks that are much older and rarer go for under 200 all the time. If your high standard was in better shape it would fetch a nice penny depending on the DOM.
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