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They have the worst website ever so I can't get any info from it...

They have a few GI Models, ranging from black to green, 4"-5", and they have a model called the Hi-cap which is 13+1 instead of the standard 7+1. The pistols look identical to each other, so does the hi-cap version come with a magazine that sticks out of the gun, or is the gun different (double stack mags)?

I had no idea springfield made a doublestack 1911 which is why I'm asking.

Does anyone know?

Here's a pic:

Vs non hi-cap

Different grips, but what else?

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Its a double stack. If you look carefully you can see were they swell the frame to wedge the double stack mag in there. I hate the double stacks, but if you can handle a glock 21 it shouldnt be much different. However some parts wont interchange with mil spec.

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I'm not keen on the double stack. Just seems wrong somehow. I very briefly considered a Kimber until I realized this particular model (don't remember which model) was a double stack. Wasn't the feel in my hands, but something else about it. I ahve considered a Para LDA however at it was a double stack. Still might go back and buy it if it's still there and I have the funds.
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