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I'm just getting into airsoft and I need a gun (duh).
I'm looking to get a pistol.
I've done some research and the KWC Desert Eagle .50 Gas seems to be the best.
I'm wondering if it is worth the $100-110 pricetag.

-380 fps (400 with red gas)
-25 round magazine

found at:


i was also wondering if the long barrel assembly would help its accuracy (not that its bad in the first place or anything)
the version that comes with the long barrel assembly can be found at:


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Allow me to repeat: No.

And for extra emphasis: NO!!![/i

Speaking from hands-on experience, this gun is officially the crappiest waste of money I have ever set eyes on, airsoft-wise.

I paid around $100 for it, and I have not had it work through an entire mag yet, after having brought it back to two different stores to get it fixed on at least four different occasions.

For the money, I'd reccommend the Cybergun/Softair USA S&W Sigma .40F, or for a bit more, the KWA M93R Mk II, I've used both, and have never had a problem with either one.

*realizes he's ranting about a slightly different gun* Oops.. I just now noticed you're talking about the regular gas one... I have the CO2 version... :oops:

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Well if your just gonna plink at your house then this should be fine. If you think your gonna strap this on your leg and skirmish, you may want to think about a more "normal" size gun.

KWC is an OK Brand, but you can get a Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle for a littel more, but theres a bunch of add-on and upgrades for the Marui if you deicde to upgrade. My Marui Desert Eagle Hard Kick has been a wonderful , trouble free gun.

Had it since its' release in 2003 and has only needed normal cleanings. Shoots as good as the day I bought it.
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