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yes. Why not trust it? KSC is a good Japanese company. The prob is, unlike the KSC GBB handgun line, the KSC AEG line not a well supported gun by 3rd party mfgs (i.e no too many insternal upgrade/repair options). It is interesting that if you run outta battery or gawd forbid your gearbox siezes, you can cock and shoot like a springer. BUT you may as well just carry and extra battery.

Classic Army makes fullstock G33E:
You could just move the battery to the foregrip, shorten the barrel and add the slither stock. Downside with CA is they only have highcap maracas/mags available for it.

Double check with the retailer on upgrade/repair options on the CA. I think it takes version 2 style gearbox parts which should include most G3 upgrades.

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