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Interesting - Senate bill S.3275

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From (a Springfield Armory XD website):

KW5KW said:
Last Friday, June 5, 2006, the Senate started work on this bill: S.3275.

This bill would 'require' all states to accept all other CHL's (concealed carry permits).

The bill can be found here:

We need to get behind this by writing to your Senators here:

The Anti's are already aware of it, here's a press release from the one of their groups: here's a quote from part of their article:

Yeah, that’s what we want: States that had the bad judgment to overwhelming vote for George W. Bush again in 2004 sending their heavily-armed, backwoods brethren to New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. Sounds like a real smart idea and, of course, federal legislation would then make it all but impossible for the more enlightened states to keep from being turned into 1870s Deadwood.

Smell that sarcasm?

Here is what I sent to my two Senators from Texas:

I wish to convey my wishes to you on a certain bill, that was just read before the Senate and I wish for you to consider backing this bill and becomming a sponser of this bill.

The bill in question is: S.3275 ( )

This bill is of concern to me as a proud Texas CHL holder. As a CHL holder I've had to pass an extensive background check and be cleared by the Texas Department of Public Safety. I would like to think that this examination of my past qualifies me as a loyal law-abiding American citizen.

I am also a "ham"-radio licensee (KW5KW) and offer communications for emergency situations. If I desire to go and offer communications in other states after disasters, I prefer to take my weapon with me. I do this for the following two reasons:

1) Wild animals are terrified after such disasters and often attack one doing relief help. Handguns offer a defense against such attacks.

2) We all saw looting going on in New Orleans after Katrina. If I'm in an area offering aid to victims, and an armed gang comes down the road wanting my vehicle, I should have the right to defend my person and the person that I'm offering aid to. Handguns offer me such a defense.

I thank you for you consideration in this manner.

I am your constituent,
Original link:

Looks like I beat Janq :p
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YEah we discussed this on OT, my take on it is that I actually don't like it because it forces states to issue that otherwise would not, which is a bad idea for State's Rights, and state's rights are the 2nd amendment's best friend at the moment.

Get rid of the paragraph 2b where it says that and I'd be all over this bill... it just makes sense for states that issue to honor other states that issue's CCW permits.

2b also specifies where you cannot carry in those states that don't issue (or is it only 1 state now?) and I don't want the feds to state anything of that sort... or soom we will be similarly restricted in all states.
I posted this in OT :D
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