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so brucey tell me more about your target special

i want an LED but at this time only have Surefire lights - i thought about converting my C2 to a LED but i could damn near get a new one for that much and have yet another light! :)
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I love my Inova light... It works friggin awesome, single LED, takes 3 C cells. Like beam is just as I would want it. It's durable as hell and brighter than my CMG reactor by like 3x. The SMG is pure white light however, the Inova has more of a blueish hue to the white light. Looks like an Audi HID to describe it the best.
cool - i will have to swing by target after sams culb on my way home from da office
I have a little X1 that is awesome- not the same brightness you get out of a surefire, but I just can't carry my surefire everyday, but I can totally carry the INova X1.
wanted to give an update

finally went to target this eve - i picked up a INova X5 for $32

its bad ass - i can deal with the little blue hue - i want to order one of the T3's or XO3's and see how that works for a possible weapon lite?

at $55 or so its more than half the price of a surefire!
i cant find out how many lumens the X5 is but its better than 35 but less then 65.

fuck it - i will shop around for the best price on a T3 and see how it compares to my C2.

thanks brucey - this was a great find!

i might not be a surefire whore anymore!
brucelee said:
Did you buy it?

yea - i have the X5 with me today at the office

i will be looking for some prices on the T3 somewhere online and see how it works for a taclite
so far this place seems to be a pretty good deal

plan on buyin 2 plus some batteries so shippin will be free!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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