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Info?: New model Mossberg shotguns

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These things look nice, does anybody have any first hand eperience or opinions toward any one of the following?

930 Autoloader

835® Ulti-Mag® Tactical Turkey™ Hunting Series

535 ATS™ All-Terrain Shotgun

- Janq
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I have read that the 930 is a nice gun for the price.

what is your primary use for the gun?
Adler said:
Problem with Mossberg autos is that they never have a long production life which means parts availability is going to be an issue down the line. I know the older 5500 and 9200 were ok as long as you just shot light field loads in them, or they busted. The 930 is better I hear but I would take a used Remington 11-87 or 1100 well before a new Mossberg 930.
I would agree with Adler here, the 11-87 / 1100 is the 1911 of shotguns, lots of parts, big aftermarket and they run great.

My 11-87 sportsman run great with light target loads #8 at 1145fps and with reduced recoil slugs. My dad just got an 1100 Tac4 for 3Gun, very nice, runs great also
Janq said:
I was thinking toward HD and 3-Gun use for a shot gun in general, which ever make & model I do decide on as a final.
I'm partial to autos than pump but would not exclude pump.

I've heard same Adler toward Mossy autos of the past in so far as long term reliability upon constant to hard use.
If I spend money on one I'm definitely surely going to train with and use it.

- Janq
If you are going to do 3Gun. you will shoot limited or tactical. I would highly recommend the Remmy 1100 Tac4 with a 22'' barrel. basically it is all setup for it, minus the easy loader

add a DMW easy loading is easier :) Its a must have
I think they are around $700

the Tac4 comes with multiple chokes.. definately the way to go. I use Improved and mod for steel, depending on the range
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10g is heavier than 12g, you might want to look 20g, more and more people are shooting 20g in 3gun, light recoil, but there are not as many choices for loads,

I still don't know much about the FNH, other than everything they make is nice.
since the Mark I is the same as the SX2, it should be real nice. But there is a reason that the 2 most popular 3gun shotguns are the 1100/11-87 and the benelli Ms, the benelli are dead reliable and the remmy are very soft shooting. Remmy take a little more maintance to keep up and running, but less than what you are use to for a 1911,

I tried ghostrings on a 11-87P. didn't like them, but I never like to lose sight of the front post. My 11-87 runs a vented rib with a fiber optic bead and will soon have a Trijicon red dot on it.

I have been told, but can not confirm, that the FNH SLP is the same gun as the Mossberg 930 spx.

I wouldn't go pump for home defense, auto will run, especially with the right ammo, and its to easy to short stroke a pump when in a hurry, try running bill drills with a pump. 6 shots as fast as you can 7 yards, you'll short stroke.

Between the FNH and Remmy Tac4, I would go Tac4
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Janq said:

The sales guy said that they don't sell 'tactical' anything type shotguns because of MA laws. They had a Remington 870 Tactical in stock for 6 mos. and when it finally sold it was not reordered because of this, he said.
I'm not aware of a reference in law toward shotgun grips in specific and in a cursory search can't find as much in the MA General Laws nor the 2007 MA fish & wildlife abstract.

Pump shotguns are excempt from the MA AWB and the large capacity laws
There may be wildlife laws regarding capacity limits... don't know those laws

One of the clubs that I belong to is having an open house this Sunday.
Just about every type of shooting with be going on, with guns for people to try.
It might be a good chance to shoot different shotguns. - Open House Flier2007.pdf
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