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Well this sorta sucks, I was trying to mount a gunrack on my wall and well.. didn't use nails with heads because afterall why should it just give way? So my stupid mistake sent 4 guns topling to the ground, 4 survived 1 without a ding. My ruger however did not..

the barrel is bent 90 degrees (exageration).. so I need a new one. I want factory OEM or an aftermarket barrel in 22LR. I don't want a fluted or bull barrel or any fancy match grade add 2 pounds to the gun barrel. I just want a factory OEM or stock style barrel.

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What the heck? Ouch for those poor guns. :(

How did a barrell get bent from a fall I wonder?

You should be able to get one from Ruger if you call them. Not sure what type of barrell you are looking for, but if you still have the owner's manual the pat numbre and price are listed there, and also on their website.

Looks like a plain Blued barrell is part number 0B8001 and goes for $40.50.
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