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In dire need of some help from my fellow gunnies!

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Please, PLEASE talk me out of this purchase! If I buy it, god knows what this will mean to my manhood as my wedding draws near, but I just got a new job that pays more and want to treat myself!!! Arrrrg!

Smith and Wesson 500 Magnum 4" model

(smaller one)


Caliber: 500 S&W Magnum
Capacity: 5 Rounds
Barrel Length: 4" (3" + 1" Compensator)
Front Sight: Red Ramp
Rear Sight: Micrometer Click Adjustable Black Blade
Firing System: N/A
Grip: Hogue Rubber Energy Absorbing
Trigger: .400" Target
Hammer: .430" Target
External Safety: N/A
Frame: X-Frame
Finish: Satin Stainless
Overall length: 10-1/4"
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight Empty: 56 ounces

Originally was thinking a 10mm revolver... but what the hell, right? lol
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Dude, I'm not going to even try to talk you out of it. More play cash and wanting to treat yourself are both valid reasons in my book, so long as your not starving yourself to do it (even then, that shows you have commitment right?).

In any case, why the 500 and not the 460 XVR? .45, .454 casull, & .460 all in the same envelope, but I'm a sucker for multi-caliber arms. But poverty is a harsh mistress.

so yeah, go for it. it's not a purchase, it's an "investment"!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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