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Best advice I got is if you can get over to a reputable airsoft store they will let you shoot anything they got on the wall displays and give you a rundown of the local airsoft skirmish scene.

Most of what you're asking will be structured by the event itself. Full face mask or tactical goggles, BDU pattern types, FPS limits. The goggles and fps requirements will actually help you figure out what will be best for you in a particular game. Basically I'd hate to recomend the Tanaka M700 that shoots 620 fps outta the box, when an event you may be interested in is limited to 500 fps and thus you'd be screwed.

wut am bestest gun? hard to say. The gun with the most 3rd party after market upgrades wins in my book. If you think about it airsoft is 80% looks anyway. Most perform about the same stock. Hopefully you can find a decent local store. You'll be able to compare different guns side by side.

And finally on airsoft sniping.. Recon had good advice about getting an AEG. You can actually upgrade them to some "sniper" type level but you'll also be able to "bb hose" the opposition as well. Look at it this way, depending on who, where and the FPS rules your playing under, you will probably not have enough time or space to act as a true Mil Sniper. The best you'd be relegated to is a role of a static SWAT style sharshooter.
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