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I'm going to attempt to take the POS Sig Mosquito back today

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Finally. We'll see how it pans out. If they do take it back and give me store credit, I'll put the money down for a Glock 36.

I'll post up my results in a couple hours. Wish me luck.
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Good luck bruce..

I met a guy the other day while I was working that had this gun he just had to show me. Low and behold it was a sig mosquito. He said he absolutely loved it and he hasn't had any problems yet.
I guess guns can be like cars, some are good others are lemons.
Returned that Sig mosquito today... The gun shop let me return it with store credit and got a new Glock 27 with trijicon night sights and 3 mags (2 with pinky extenders and one with a full grip extender (2 are 9 round cap, one is 10 rounds).

Chambered in .40. I wanted the G36 but the 6 round mag cap swayed me out of the decision.

2 of the mags are like this:

The other is like this:

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WAIT A SEC>>>>>>>>

You got a Glock???

color me amazed

*GASP* I'm shocked, Daniel got another Glock :mrgreen:
I'd also like to add that I would have bought this gun from Adler, but it was a store credit so I was forced to buy from them. (Irvington Arms in Fremont)
Thanks for the shamless promotion. LOL.

BTW...I am my own best customer. Except this one trucker guy who got 10 guns in a month through me.

I LOVE my G27....time for a trigger job Brucie...polish up all the surfaces....

sometime we'll get on AIM or something and I'll walk you through it, it makes the trigger pull SO SMOOTH.
Nice little pistol there BL. :twisted:

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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