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I'm confuzzled... (Stupid laws)

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I'm planning on buying another gun soon, and right now, an SKS is looking pretty nice... But, I'm confused as far as the whole "section 922R" thing goes. Do I have to buy extra parts to comply with this law, or what?

Currently, I'm looking at <this> Yugo SKS, with <this> stock (either Black or ACU, because ACU is awesome). I've been reading that mags are a bad idea... Does that mean I shouldn't get <these>? Should I use stripper clips?

While I'm asking questions, does anyone know of other good places to find SKS stocks?

*head explodes*

So yeah... Any help would be appreciated. :)
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You can't get the mag in cali.

You can get the stock and gun no problem.

And ARs are legal in CA. If it is an M4gery, then it has to have a fixed mag. If it is a fixed stock, it can have a removable mag. FYI.
I can get whatever I want. :p

It isn't that I'm special, it is just that baby Jesus hates everyone else.
I had a friend pop it back into place, but the chipped bones are still grinding away. Painful, but I can workout once again.
Surgery is an option, and I am considering it, because either the chips will disintegrate, or they will shred all of the cartilage.

Surgery isn't that bad. I have had surgery quite a few times. My elbow (broke the ball), tonsils, head, chin, and there was another one, but I can't remember it...
MrMcCrackin said:
yea - its just a personal thing

dated a nurse while in college - used to tell me all kinds of crazy shit about surgens - no wonder malpractice ins is so expensive - those fuckers need it!
I try to stay away from Dr. Jeckyls.

I go to a family doctor that I have gone to for over 2 decades. He recommends who I should go to for surgery.

My parents go to him, my siblings and myself go to him, and if I ever decide to plauge the earth with little Ghouliouses, they'll go to him.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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