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I'm confuzzled... (Stupid laws)

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I'm planning on buying another gun soon, and right now, an SKS is looking pretty nice... But, I'm confused as far as the whole "section 922R" thing goes. Do I have to buy extra parts to comply with this law, or what?

Currently, I'm looking at <this> Yugo SKS, with <this> stock (either Black or ACU, because ACU is awesome). I've been reading that mags are a bad idea... Does that mean I shouldn't get <these>? Should I use stripper clips?

While I'm asking questions, does anyone know of other good places to find SKS stocks?

*head explodes*

So yeah... Any help would be appreciated. :)
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A Yugo SKS is legal in CA only if you remove the grenade launcher and replace it with a lookalike brake. If you change any parts on it, you gotta comply with the 10 or less game. I think its BS and would never comply regardless. Just don't get caught at the range...

check out for all your SKS needs.
There are many different varieties out there these days. There are brand new unfireds going for ~$225, arsenal refurbs for about $175-190, good condition for about $150-175, and shooter grades for less than $150. Thats pretty standard across the board.

The only mags I'd go for are the ones from Tapco. I've got the 20 rounder on one of my SKS's. Standard box mag on another.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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