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Dubbed the "Protect Illinois Communities Act," state Rep. Bob Morgan's planned ban was crafted over the summer in conjunction with major anti-gun groups and introduced last week, is slated to be pushed through the Assembly's lame-duck session with the aim of making it law in 2023.
Going further, any semi-auto centerfire rifle with a detachable magazine and any of five cosmetic features-- folding or telescoping stock, thumbhole stock, forward pistol grip, flash suppressor, or grenade launcher-- would be classified as an "assault rifle." Also lumped into that category would be any rifle that is less than 30 inches long overall, for instance, bullpups like the Springfield Armory Hellion or IWI Tavor.

It would also create the banned classification of "assault pistol" which would be reserved for any centerfire pistol that had a detachable magazine and a feature such as a threaded barrel or a magazine well outside of the pistol grip-- such as a Century Arms Draco.
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