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I'm talking ammo, rifles, guns, safes, ANYTHING with the tab of $40,000. You couldn't sell or trade the guns after you purchased them, you'd own them forever.

No laws apply (Except for explosives, NO explosives/etc).

Its gonna take me a bit to make up my list.

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Well if I could only have one gun I would get an STG44.

Otherwise I might get

couple lugers(Navy, Black Widow, and Artillery)

A Nice Hi Power and 1911

A few Walthers like a P5, P38, PP Super.

Glock 17L

New Tommy Gun



SS Sniper K98


Hakim and Rasheed egyptian rifles


A few Browning A5's

A Steyr 50BMG


Steyr GB

Beretta 93

And thats just a bit of what would be fair game

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That;s an easy 1 since there isn't much i want lol I'd get a Jarrett Custom shop built .50bmg rifle with case, load work up and Nightforce scope there's 15,000$ and the rest would be spent upgrading the glass on rifles I have now to US Optic, Schmidt N Bender and Nightforce and ATN.

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This list would take me some time to fill up..

As far as class three weapons $40,000 is not going to get you to far. an M-16 is up to $13,000 now.

Id work on getting my Class two manufacturers license Then go on a buying spree with M-16's at a price of 800 bucks and miniguns at 1/20th the price. :)

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accuracy international aw .338 lapua mag

dpms sass

glock 34, 35, 27

h&k usp tactical .45

sig 229 dak .40

wilson combat border patrol model

wilson combat tactical elite .45

rra government model

s&w mp 40

h&k mp5, 416

and plenty of ammo and a brand new safe

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1. MP5SD

2.MP5K (the briefcase version)

3.USP tactical w/suppressor

4.Walther P22 w/suppressor

5.Custom 1911

6.Custom sniper rifle w/suppressor

7.I'd let my wife buy any gun she wants.

I'm sure that would hit close to $40K

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In this parallel universe I would start with...

1. Springfield M1A Loaded
2. Styer SSG .308
3. an' ess vee dee (not the type that makes it burn when you pee)
4. Sagia 12ga
5. Atchisson AA-12
6. FAL/L1A1
7. HK 53 .223
8. Glock 20C
9. Springfield Armory 1911-a1 w/Tactical Response pkg.
10. MP5K
11. FN-P90 (duh...)
12. Cobray Mac-11 (g-g-g-gangsta)
13. Styer TMP
14. FN Minimi SPW (couldn't find the price but I'm shore it's somewhere in the ionosphere so I'll stop there)

Not a epsecially huge haul and I think there is at least a surplus of $5K, but that should be about a month's worth of bullets and shells, right?

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I would go with a
Registered HK lower, with lots of Uppers
RDIAS AR with alot of uppers
Dan Bedell open shorty in 9major
Dawson 5" open .38 super comp
Brazos Limited in .40
JPrifles AR
GAP .338 Lapua
Barrett 82a1
1919 with spade grips

The rest would go to ammo
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