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Would you pull the trigger?

  • Yes, I would shoot but not to kill

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  • Yes, headshot.

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  • No, I couldn't do it.

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If you had P-Diddy in your cross hairs, would you pull?

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If there was NO way for it to be traced back to you, you're 2 miles away with a PSG-1 with a special scope, perfect conditions, P Diddy is walking about about with is "posse". You have the chance to put him down and walk away. There would be no way to link you to the crime, you're home free. Would you do it?
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Brucelee doesn't care about Rap people


I don't have a problem with any musician. I wouldn't even kill John Tesh given the opportunity.

It would have to be someone truly evil, and I'd have to believe it would be a Good Thing to see them dead.

Osama? Sure.
a proven, current and future child molester? very likely.
A mob boss? Maybe, maybe not.

etc, etc.
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Five words.........Back, and to the left. :twisted:
Shad said:
Five words.........Back, and to the left. :twisted:
So you wanna be my spotter?
I think I'd rather pull the trigger on that one. I'd do it Lee Harvey style. I'd even shoot lefty, just for the shit of it.
Ohhhh ok, my bad It's very late lol back and to the left was spotters position lol lee harvey went right on by lol
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