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I need some Gunatic help

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A friend of mine just picked up a winchester model 67 .22 at a garage sale. Its got a lot of surface rust on the barrel and the bolt. It looks like there may be a bit of rust on the inside of the barrell as well. Other wise it seems to be in good working order. the springs all look good as does the firing pin. The question is What should he do to get it cleaned up and in safe firing order. He is not to worried about getting the bolt re chromed but would like to re blue the barrel.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts thing for removing the rust is some good gun oil and very fine steel wool to rub it out once the oil has penetrated the rust.

As for the barrel get some good bore cleaner and a nice new 22lr bronze brush and scrun the hell out of it with the brush. I like foaming bore cleaner since you can let it soak for an hour or so first.

If he wants to reblue the barrel I offer another solution since the rust probably left pits in the metal which will show if reblued. If he is willing to hold off on it....why dont we figure a day in the next 2 or 3 weeks where you are coming back to FD and you can stop by in Boone or I can go up to FD and for a few bucks I can duracoat it for him. Isnt bluing but it will make it nice and black. I have some gloss laying around. Plus you can pick up your mauser as well. And maybe hit Brusy Creek to kill some paper. Your mauser is going back together over thanksgiving break along with my Garand and frankenstein shotgun.
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