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I need Help

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OMFG guys monday i have a date with a wicked hot awesome chick and i need help in deciding where to go. the movies...or a nice restaurant or both
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fatcat said:
A romantic trip to the shooting range...
This may be a very good idea…if she isn’t lefty/anti-gun nut…and if she is it can still work if she's a little open-minded. (Most anti-gun nuts have never shot a gun and once they do…they tend to like it.)

I found that women like to shoot, have always wanted to shoot or are just plain curious about shooting. Go to a NICE CLEAN indoor range, some place she will feel safe. Let her pick out a gun she wants to shoot, help her out just a little…”DON’T” start ragging on her about marksmanship or “You should be doing it like this.” Let her have a fun, safe time. Make it about her having fun and doing something cool for the first time.

Then go out for a nice dinner and listen to her talk about how much fun she had.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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