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I meet Shaq today

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Today i went to my local gun shop to buy a holster and when i went in Shaq was in there looking around and checking out a few guns. Hes feakin huge he had to duck down to get through the door. I shook his hand and my hand was like a babys hand next to his. He was real nice to everybody talked to every one and pretty cool. Turns out he carries to. He had a fat wad of cash to.
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Glad to hear that he sounds like a cool guy!
You might not know but Shaq is also a LEO.
He graduated academy and was assigned a duty last fall.

- Janq
Wasn't Elvis an honorary US Deputy Marshal like Shaq?
Makarov said:
Wasn't Elvis an honorary US Deputy Marshal like Shaq?
I don't know about Shaq being an honorary anything but he is a real cop.

"Shaquille O'Neal Becomes Miami Beach Cop"
POSTED: 5:19 pm EST December 8, 2005

- Janq
I wonder if he is on traffic patrol, if he gives out citations and signs them, if it becomes like, a collectors item. :)
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