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I love assholes on other sites

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This guy got so mad when I told him he was ripping people off. I told him he was an asshole and that he sould buy a blue book because at the price he is seling this shit for, he can afford one.

Afterall he makes this sound like its an original and is selling it for over 4 times what its worth.
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It could be an origional, A.O didn't start building the 1927's until 1975 if I remember correctly. I like the brochure part the best. Why would you send 1936 A.O paper with a gun built 40+ years later?

If he can sell this, i need to know this guy lol. I got a NIB 100% condition Win pre64 m70 .300h&h DOM 1951. This just sjould be able to gat a couple hundred grand for it lol

As far sa the oil part, it's a condition thing. Oil on the wood or in the bore can hid scratches and blemishes. When you buy a used gun, always make sure the bore is dry, if it's not don't buy until you see it dry. If you look through the barrel at light blemishes reflect the light and stand out, if it's oily everything is shinny. Oil on the stock can hide blemishes in the a pic. If you buy it over the net, it gets there all scratched up and the seller blames transit damage.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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