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I hate it when this happens...

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So, I figured I would go up and do some loading this evening. Open the windows and turn on the fan in the attic to bring the temps down at least into the lower 90s up there. Get my press and dies set. Fileter all my .303 brass out of the tumbler. Get my Loading notes out. Get powder...


I was just about out of 4895! Hell. I had enough to load 37 rounds, but I had a run of 100 planed ( I need more brass too...).

No biggie, I start reloading my 45-70 stash. Nope. No I won't, I'm out of the soft lead 305 grain bullets that I want to use. Sure, I have some card cast bullets, but they tend to crumple cases. Maybe I have some soft point jacketed left... Nope. Out. Damn.

So, tomorrow I have to trek up to Harrisburg, as I know Bass Pro carries IMR 4895.

I have not bought components since I moved to PA last year. I guess its that time again.

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Argh, that's the worst when you have just barely but not quite enough of all you need to load some rounds. Fire up that Midway catalog......
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