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Read my last Blog on here. I have been having a shitty week in general man.

I hate people...thats why I live in a state with less people than your city. LOL.

Dont feel bad man. I am banned for life from a music store for blowing up a 1k dollar halfstack guitar amp and speaker setup. A dipshit salesmen set the knobs and was bragging how "bullet proof" this shit is. I got about 5 seconds into a riff with my guitar and distortion pedal setup how I normally play and....POP. I blew the speaker off the surround. Guy looked stunned and told me to get out and never return.

May be bullet proof for the shit he plays(beatles) but it isnt going to hold up to my detuned( down to C) custom les paul and metal distorition pedal. I had to laugh since it was the second time I have been booted from that store, but this one is perminent.

Love people who dont know what the shit they are talking about. They make me feel superior.

You kick ass Daniel.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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