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I had to take this Bosnian refugee to Oakland for a drugtest today (so she can make a living for herself). So Miki and I take her to this lab in downtown oakland....which was a hassle with parking and stuff, agr! So we sit down and Miki talks to the black lady at the counter, and Miki is being super nice and stuff, this chick is a SUPER BITCH right off the bat... I ignore it and sit down and wait for her name to be called. She goes in and pisses into a cup... Well, apparently halfway full isn't enough for this black chick (sorry to call her a black chick, but its the best way to describe her) so she tells her that she has to do it again!

So she goes to drink water so she can pee again (tiny 4oz cups) and the black lady rudley says "No more than 4 cups, because that will dillute your urine too much". Miki and I were like "wtf?!". So she drinks four cups... waitng in this small, hot, smelly lab waiting room.... an hour goes by. She goes to the bathroom again... Guess what? Not enough urine again. I ask if we can combine the two samples and the black lady says "No" in rude ass way... GRRRRR....

So 3 hours pass... and this damn woman still can't fucking piss because some dumb ass woman told her that she can't drink more than four cups of water. I finally snap and ask her where she got that "4 cup" rule from.... "Did you make it up? Where is it written, please tell me.".. She had no answer but started yelling back in the most stereo typical black woman way possible. I wasn't going to back down so I started yelling at her and telling her that she didn't know what the fuck she was talking about... then I was banned from the building.

So I spent 4 fucking hours in some hot ass lab, all while I was illegally parked and had to rig the automated parking arm to go up because I couldn't get out of the parking lot!!!

Then I got to face 20 miles of rush hour traffic from Oakland to San Jose!!!

Man, you go out of your way to help someone out of the kindness of your heart and the end result is THIS! I hope everyone learned a lesson today. Never help anyone!!!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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