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I found my new gun lube

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For quite awhile I have been using Mil Tec or Break Free's CLP on my guns but I recently put in an order at Simmons Guns in Kansas and they have a minimum order so I picked up some cheap care products to bump it over the limit.....OMG I am glad as hell I did.

The new S&W products are just plain THE SHIT! I have a WInchester 97 Trench gun repro that is relatively rough on the inside as far as machining goes and CLP was the lube I usually used. I had some issue with some parts being a bit sticky and causing reliability issues and the action was just rough. I figured it would wear in over time. Anyways the other day I took the trench broom out and couldnt find my CLP so I grabbed some S&W Advanced Gun Oil with and my god what a difference. You know you have found a great product when it makes the gun feel smoother, and guess what??? No sticky parts. I also like it cause it slightly foams and stays in place much better than CLP as well so it doesnt spray everywhere.

If you geta chance try it out...I love it. Plus the can is shaped like a JHP bullt which is cool as hell.
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i just use remington thick oil on mine....

works like a charm. :)
i have a marlin and mossberg .22...

i love them dearly
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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