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I am new here, and I have a quick quesiton about safes

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I just bought a remington 870 express and my roomates expressed some concern about me getting a safe. I only intend on having this gun and I am looking for a cheap safe that does the job. I gont need a 16 gun safe, I have found 5 and 8 gun safes that seem to do the trick but could even go smaller. The cheapest price I have found is an 8 gun safe at Sports Authority with free shipping and thats $199. Does anyone know of any cheaper safes as I would only like to spend around $100 total. This might be impossible. Thanks for the help in advance. Can you get used safes for cheaper? I wouldnt really imagine much cheaper.
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I second the cable lock idea. Slap it on and put the gun under your bed or in your closet. My roomies actually liked the idea of a defensive gun in our college I bought 26 more and a couple safes. :)
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