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hypothetical rifle purchase question

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I'm doing some 'market research' so bear with me regarding lack of specifics :)

would you buy a rifle that:
is chambered in .223
has a 16" barrel
has an AK bolt system
out shoots an AR
weighs ~ 6lbs dry
has four picatinnys in the 12, 3, 6, 9 o clock positions
beats the crap out of ARs and some AKs in reliability.

and if so what do you think a non regrettable price would be? <1K, >1k?

forgive me for all the lack of description, the reason being that the rifle doesn't quite exist yet.
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Dont think one exists. The AK bolt system is inherantly inaccurate. A Galil or valmet would be the closest in the accuracy dept, but would lack the rails you wish.
I wouldnt pay shit since I dont like the 223.

An AK bolt is inherantly inaccurate because an AK type bolt requires an AK type bolt carrier.....that large mass you were reffering to. Just because something has a 3 lug rotating bolt does not make it an AK bolt. Id rather see a tilting block, much more accurate.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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