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Do you hunt?

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I only just started hunting last year, pretty late in life. Kinda wanted to see what the big deal was about it, and my brother in law who is a great guy is an avid hunter, and I moved to Maine and I'm pretty sure if you don't hunt up here they put a rainbow sticker on your car.

So I've hunted deer a few times (no luck yet) and ruffled grouse a bunch. Grouse hunting is fun. THis season I went and bought a Stoeger 20 guage side-by-side because I just like the look of a double, it's traditional, and hell if I can't hit the bird in 2 shots, he deserves to get away. :)

It was cheap, around $300, and has removable chokes, comes with modified and improved cylinder I think.

Anyway, I love it, it's a great field gun, I can scrape it along, get it muddy, crawl with it, toss it in the brush, and not feel bad. It shoots to point of aim, and goes band every single time I pull the trigger (excepting the first 50 rounds, sometimes it would light strike the primer)

That said, I almost never go out on my own to hunt, it's usually with freinds/family.

My deer gun is a Ruger No.1 in 30-06.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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