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How much ammo do you have in mags right now?

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Right now, in home defense handguns I have about 10 rounds in a Sig 226 and the same in a Glock 9mm. So about a total of 20 rounds ready to go (they are in a locked cabnet). I got to thinking. What if the zombies/russians/rioting mob, or whatever, laid seige to my house? Would I have time to load up all my mags before they attacked? I have 2 30 rnd mags for my AK that would take forever to load. One time I went to a gun store and a guy opened his gun case and he had several 30 rnd mags that he said he kept them fully loaded all the time. This seems a little extreme for me. So I got to wondering, Does anyone here keep most of thier mags fully loaded all the time? Id say, of all the space for bullets in my mags, I currently have them about 5% loaded. What do you guys have? This may be a stupid topic but im bored and was wondering. Sorry in advance.
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I have 3 - 13 rd .40 mags filled, and three empties.
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