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How do you carry your blade?

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Since we have a thread about your standard carry knife, I figured we should have one for how you carry it.

Do you just use the pocket clip? Carry it concealed? Or do you have some crazy elaborate sling/strap system?
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my edc knife just sits in my back pocket on the clip. if i have my crkt on i wear it sob.
not at all. why should carrying a pocket knife bother me or other people?
sissy town? im in Kali man. and if anything i would PREFER a bg know i have a knife, then maybe he will think twice before trying something. one thing i like about my E.T. is its hard to remove from my back pocket because their are two nuts that are not flush with the grip, so they snag a little when i pull it out.
after Janqs review im thinking of doing that as well. but i dont want to carry two. and having one concealed but still using it for every day box opening kinda defeats the point. so im on the fence.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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