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HK P3000

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It is a prototype only and us unknown if it will be produced. I sure hope it will be. I havea P2000 with DAO, and I was playing with my friends Sig 226 which is DAK. I sure like his trigger pull better than mine. If the P2000 had that trigger pull that would be perfect for me. I hope the P3000 does.
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i would have to take it apart and see the gutz before i rented one to test
nah you can always trust an HK
Whats the difference between this and a USP aside from the obvious slight desin changes to the slide?

- Janq
The grips are way different from the USP. Also the lack of a manual safety jumps out to my eye. Also the slide release on both sides of the pistol is kind of funky, as well. Another thing that sticks out just visually that sets it apart from the USP is no hammer. I don't see a hammer on the P3000 in any of those pics. Other than that, I'll have to see design specs to pick out any other differences.
Yeah the USP is a SA/DA but you can get it in a DAO also now. The USP is slightly larger and more bulky. The P2000 and P3000 like the one shown in the pic is probably a DOA which is why you cant see the hammer or a saftey. You can get the P2000 in SA/DA as well
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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