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Came across this little tidbit on the HK German site.

The HK MG4. 5.56 SAW

I thought they only had the HK21 MG. The US version does nto include the G36 style optics rail/handle

Calibre 5,56 mm x 45 NATO
Priciple of Operation Gas operated weapon

Overall length 835/1030* mm
Overall height 260 mm
Overall width 90 mm
Barrel length incl. flash hider 485 mm
With bipod 7900 g
Barrel only 1700 g

Other specifications
Ammunition feed - catridge belt
Rate of fire - (Depending on ammunition concerned) 850+ 50 rpm
Modes of fire - F
Sight - Aperture
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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