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HK 417 System

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Hot off the heels of the HK416, 5.56mm rifle is:

HK417, 7.62mm.

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To quote the good Reverend Jessie Custer:
"Looks like it could shoot the tits off a Martian at a hundred yards!"

Looks like a nice varmintin' rifle! :)
Better than an AR10 but I will still take a Hk91 anyday for a 7.62 Kraut gun.
holy heck an HK - ar-10 whoa! thats cool man!

but I'm with adler on the hk91 b4 that one. :p
what kind of mags are those they look sorta FNFAL-ish :?:
Modified G3 Magz! Well at least visually the "crease" is in the same place and the magwell angles up like a G3, not like the SR25 / AR10. Teh magwell also looks flared out to accomodate the mag stoppers on the G3 mags. So my eduated guess that since it's HK those be G3 mags.

BUT... said:
Information remains closely guarded at the time of this writing.
LOL NM hkpro updated their info on the Mags. Modified G3 mags with a hold-open mechanism.

Interestingly.. on a realted note:

The said:
2.2.2006: HK INC. reportedly importing -ZERO-units of G36 series in 2006. Does this signal a push of the HK416? Sources indicate 416 series to be available to state and local L.E. agencies this year.
So the OICW, XM8 and now G36 have not made a favorable impression in the US Mil or LE market... HKDefense downsizing their US operations?

I must say the improvments the 416/417 have made on the original armalite designs are pretty impressive so far. Hope HK doesn't forget about civilians... Seems like they jsut trying to find something they can get the gub'ment to contract with them.
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Oh good another gun that HK won't sell to civilians. I'm sure the $3 G3 mags will now cost $50 just like their AR mags

HK should have stuck with a roller locker design
I agree most definately. I was sad to see teh G41 project die.
I believe they are designing new mags for the guns now. The G-3 mags work but they want a mag with a hold open. I don't know if they are changing just the mag or the mag well also so that you must use the HK mags.
Updated news on the 417:

Looks like a pre-production version showed up with a G36 style polymer mag.
im in love with the 7.62....i know they make the kits for the .223 in airsoft but i hope that make the 7.62 soon
xxG3xx said:
im in love with the 7.62....i know they make the kits for the .223 in airsoft but i hope that make the 7.62 soon
yeah i love the 7.62 ammo too!!! :D
dude that is way sick lookin

i want the 7.62 baaaaad
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