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heres to revolutionizing the energy industry

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click on Aquygen Video

this is incredible. going 100 miles on 4oz of water?! using a welder all day for $7 worth of electricity and distilled water? this could quite possibly change the entire world.

is there something i have overlooked? or is this not the greatest invention ever.
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no one thinks a 10K degree flame created by water is cool enough to reply too?

they aren't offering any public sales of their machine, so until then it just looks like a green box to me...

and the problem with hydrogen genorators is that it takes energy to produce hydrogen (namely to break the bond between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms that form the molecule of water- h20) The energy to produce this reaction must also come from a renewable, "green" source otherwise it's going to be like robbing Peter to pay Paul, in the end the net gain is zero.
well if you can make energy from a 10K degree flame (steam) and can make $7 worth of electrcity in 8 hours, it would only require water. corect?
no, and this is why. I am assuming that the 'electrolizer' method they talk about on the site is refering to the process whereby you bombard the water molecule with a stream of electrons (aka a current of electricity) in order to excite the atoms enough that they break their moleculer (sp?) bond and form smaller strands of hydrogen (a flammable gas) and oxygen (an element that supports burning). you then are left with a highly flammable mix of gasses.

the catch-22 in this whole mess is that the machine has to get the energy for this process from somewhere, it still is plugged into the wall after all. the power station that is providing your electricity, the means used to generate electricity (coal, fossil fuel, biomass, fission, ect.), and the by products of the process (co2 emissions, sulfur dioxide, tainted heavy water, and all other nasty shit) all have to be taken into account before you can call this a "green" (a dubious term to say the least) energy source. San Francisco, with all its green talk, still has 2 fossil fuel plants (hunters point & potrero hill power station, but the surrounding neighborhoods are relatively poor so there is not much said), and there are plans to build four more in the neighborhood in the coming years.

as far as using this product as a fuel additive, it sounds like that would be the most viable option. more combustion for your gallon right?

I try not to be cynical about this, but the fact is that we havent reached the breaking point yet, at 3.20 a gallon people bitch and moan a lot but they still pull out their wallets and pay up.

but do we really have another option?

g'night -dee
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No I'm glad your bringing up these points. I haven't talked to anyone yet who has wanted to actually discuss it.

The point i was trying to make in my last post was that it could possibly make more energy then it uses. So I'm not suggesting that every individual welder should not require energy from another source, I'm saying why couldn't we use this technology to make a machine that produces more energy then it uses. Does that not seem attainable on a system of this nature? It sounds to me like there is a very large amount of potential power in this water based flame. 10K degrees in seconds is amazing to say the least. Couldn't that be harnessed in some way to generate electricity? The flame boils water which makes steam and that steam turns a turbine which makes electricity. There is some 330 million cubic miles of water on this planet. That sounds like a fairly substantial fuel supply to me.
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Nose Nuggets,

I just turned my TV to CNN and guess what they were doing a report on...
Your guys and their technology was on display being shown in real world (not internet video). They have a late 80's Ford Escort hybridized running on gas & water (!) that has seen an as quoted 50% increase in gas mileage.
The explanation of how it works "is that the hydrogen and oxygen stays connected in the gas". The "gas" is the result of the electrolysis and becomes effective whne used in conjunction witha catalyst, such as gasoline. Thats a direct quote from the CNN guy.
He says the technology is not new but in the past it required so much energy that it wasn't practical. The Aquagen people say that "$0.70 per hour" of electricity from their generator produces 1,500 liters of 'Aquagen' gas per hour.

- Janq
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yeah, do people not find that as fucking amazing as i do?

the hybrid car thing is cool. but not nearly as cool as the cutting torch. if he comes back and has the whole car running on water (which is what he said he COULD do in the fox news report from Florida) then ill be running through the streets nakid.

making a car 50% more fuel efficient does not remove our dependence on oil. but making a 10K degree flame with water blows my fuckin mind.
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