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Help me find a holster maker

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Need a shoulder setup(not nylon but leather) for my Walther p38. If you guys know of anyone that makes a holster for this gun let me know. I have my conceal carry claass comingup relatively soon and I want to get my equipment in order.
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looks like size 2 would work.

maybe not what your looking for. but it was the first hit when i searched for leather p38 holster at
Yeah dont want a vertical system. They are so uncomfortable.
I have emailed quite a few and they said that they dont have molds for one so they cant make one. One said that if I sent my gun in he might be able to churn one out in 3-4 months but I would have to sign a waiver realeasing them of any resposibility concerning my gun.....I dont think so.

Cash is not my concern. Im ready for 200-250
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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