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Guns - They're my Anti-Drug

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Now THERE'S a public service message you'll never hear!!!

"... So if you hear me talking about going to my dealer, I'm referring to my gun dealer, and if I say I wanna go shoot up someting it means bring hearing protection, shooting glasses, and some targets...

Guns - They're my Anti-Drug"

No doubt about it, they're MY Anti-Drug!

I used to hang out with a, shall we say "interesting" crowd... Fortunately, my family introduced me to the wonderful world of weaponry [firearms] and, after giving me enough experience to get 'hooked' on firearms, told me in no uncertain terms that legal firearms ownership and criminal-minded morons are completely incompatible.

This point was further emphasized by other events, like reading about some acquaintences getting into deep trouble for drugs and criminal behavior, and pretty soon I had a lot fewer "friends" [though that was remedied by a few trips to the gun store...] but also had a lot fewer
worries! Had I not been introduced to guns who knows where I would be?

All it took was some ammo, patience, and time to guide someone who was just coasting through their life into a new, responsible direction ... Hopefully someday I can return the favor a few times over!

Filthy Rich :twisted:
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watching other people who were acquaintances in school and such deal with the consequences was my anti-drug .. and being a loner.
Shad said:
My anti-drug was crystal meth................oh, wait a second. :wink:
HAHAHAH. noice!! :laugh:
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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