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Gun trade in value?

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Trying to establish what a pistol I have is worth, but only reference I can find is a book and I don't feel like spending $40 to find what a gun is worth. Are there any good online (and free) references to establish value, like a gun verion of Kelly Blue Book?
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Well if you find yourself out and about, go to a bookstore like Borders, Hastings, B&N, or Waldens. They all have the blue book of firearms values there and you can just happen to look it up as you are "shopping". Id help you but my book is 2 years old and I dont want to misquote you. But if you want me to look it up I will and you can get a general ball park idea.
I found a book online, but the local Borders doesn't have it. I might wander through there this week since I'm in the area pretty regularly, maybe I'll find something else. Pistol is a "Firestorm" Compact .45. I'll have to check on that when I get home. POS 1911 clone and I want to be rid of it.
Borders lists NOTHING in their local inventory.

On the slide it's "Firstorm .45 Compact".

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Its a Llama Mini Max is what it is. Firestorm is a brand the importer came up with for more plain looking Llamas. They arent worth much since they were being given away when Llama went out of business. It might be worth 200 bucks, but thats about all you would get in trade in value. Llamas 1911 loo a likes arent mil spec so they cant be customized, plus they had reliability issues, and were often made of soft metal.
Reliablity is why I want to be rid of it. I knew it was a Llama built and given the quality of the piece, I can see just why Llama went under. Serious piece of shit. That I can't "fix" it's issues is another reason to get rid of it. Though, even if I could fix the problems, I'd be polishing a turd. And a polished turd is still a turd.
Well I do know that the importer is servicing them, eventhough they went under. You might just want to send it in, or take it to a gunsmith. Alot of these just ned some slight finishign work to get going, and as long as they are plinkers, they will work ok. I just wouldnt trust 90% of Llamas for protection.
Oh it works, I put several mags through it after it went in for warranty work the last time. And I haven't fired it since.

I want a new gun, this is sitting there and I don't care for it - logical choice is to make it go bye bye. Plus I have a somewhat better 1911 now so the Firestorm isn't needed.
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