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gun rental

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i went to a range today and for a $17 you could shoot any handgun they had to rent i have never shot so many pistols in one trip
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Thats not bad. And its always a good idea to do that before you decide on a gun. So what guns did you end up shooting. And are you thinking of making a purchase soon or was it just just for fun to get out and shoot.
springfield 1911, XD40; Sig 229 9mm, 226 40; glock 17,26; desert eagle 357 mag; keltec p38; kahr 40; and a cz75

i'm going to get a new gun pretty soon, but mainly just wanted to shoot, my next gun will probably be a sig fullsize, or maybe a subcompact glock or kahr to conceal
I knew of a gun shop/range that did that when I was living in Texas. Cool thing was on Monday's they'd let military members rent the guns for free. Did have to buy their ammo though, but still a great deal to be able to try before you buy.
The only way I'd give a shit about what kind of ammo I'd be putting through a rental is if I had to clean it at the end of the day. Personally, I don't see any responsible business owner letting people come in and take apart a rental gun, as you'd have no idea whether or not the person knows how to put it back together correctly. The range I shoot at does rentals and there's only a few people, myself included, that they'll let take down the rentals and clean them. The way I see it, if you're not cleaning it, who gives a fuck what cheap ass brand you're throwing through it as long as it's safe to shoot.
Well in the case of the shop I was at, the ammo wasn't particularly cheap. That's kind of the point I was getting at in that it was still a good deal to be able to try the different guns out(even though I was paying more for ammo than usual).
That sucks. What kind of communist runs a range that doesn't sell cheap, dirty, bad smelling ammo :mrgreen:
yea, that was my sentiment exactly. they have that here too. they always markup their ammo. so you end up paying like 1-2 bucks more then usual price. it's ok thou.
i had to use their ammo as well but it was winchester white box and the prices weren't that bad
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