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As reported on 5/25/07 by The Manchester Evening News (UK):

Gun crime on the rise
Exclusive by John Scheerhout and Mike Slingsby
25/ 5/2007

SPIRALLING gun crime is blighting Greater Manchester with more than 3,000 firearms incidents in the last 15 months, the MEN can reveal today.

SEVERE: Gun crime

This startling figure equates to SEVEN gun-related incidents EVERY day.

And actual shootings, not including crimes where guns were not fired, increased nine per cent in the last 12 months alone, with 120 confirmed discharges.

Officers who compiled the figures say the blight being caused by gun crime is "severe", saying children as young as ten are joining south Manchester's notorious gangs.

They say splinter groups imitating gangs from Los Angeles have formed out of Manchester's infamous Doddington and Gooch gangs, with the Old Trafford Cripz consisting of ex-Gooch gangsters and the Moss Side Bloods being made up of former Doddington gang members.

The evidence of spiralling gun and gang culture - revealed by the M.E.N. today - emerged in one of three disturbing gun cases which all concluded on Wednesday with NINE young gunmen being sent to jail.

Det Supt Darren Shenton, in charge of GMP's XCalibre task force which tackles gun and gang culture, insisted the number of gun crimes had fallen dramatically overall during the last five years despite the recent increase in shootings.

He told the M.E.N. that the force, backed up by fed-up communities, was taking the fight to the gunmen particularly in the Trafford and the Metropolitan police divisions in south Manchester which includes Moss Side, Longsight and Fallowfield, where most gun crime happens.


He said: "In terms of firearms incidents, a lot of them involve air weapons and BB guns and are not associated with what I would call hard-core gang activity.

A significant number of those discharges have occurred in two police divisions in south Manchester. The prosecutions and convictions you have seen over the last couple of days are clearly the result of some strong investigative work but also the involvement of members of the community who are standing up against gun crime and gang culture. There's a significant amount of work going on across those two divisions recovering firearms, recovering ammunition and reducing the opportunities for people to be victims of crime.

"This is something the police are not going to crack themselves. These recent cases show how those who involved with guns are continuing to be targeted by the police and will be for some time to come."

He admitted the gang members were getting "younger and younger" but that those at the age of ten were -on the "periphery" of gangs and weren't "running around with machine guns".

He described some of the youngsters involved in gangs as "just kids", adding: "They almost coming into the category of youths causing annoyance - but they are carrying 9mm weapons."

Yesterday's M.E.N. told how ruthless gangsters who posed in photos with guns they used to intimidate and threaten kidnap victims were jailed.

Calling themselves the Fallowfield Mandem, thought to be a splinter group of Manchester's notorious Doddington gang, three of the men were handed indeterminate sentences for the protection of the public. Two others have been jailed for their part in kidnappings which took place in February last year.

Marvin Berkeley, 22, of Kirkham Street, Salford; Kane Snowdon, 19, of Harold Avenue, Gorton and Marcus Smith, 29, of Lostock Avenue, Levenshulme were given indeterminate sentences for the public's protection. Tyrone Patrick, 21, of Norley Avenue, Stretford was sentenced to seven years and Michael Berkeley, 22, of Seymour Grove, Old Trafford was sentenced to two years and four months. All had pleaded guilty to offences including kidnap, conspiracy to rob and assisting an offender.


In the second case, mother-of-two Amanda Hibbert told how her family had been "destroyed" when her fiancée was gunned down as she and her children cowered in terror in their home.

In the third case, a young gunman shot a teenager who had sent a text message to his girlfriend. Neville Paul lured the 17-year-old victim to Longford Park in Stretford one night last December. Paul, 18, of Buttermere Avenue in Warrington, will be sentenced at a later date.

It was during the trial of Paul that the jury heard startling evidence about the scale of the gun problem afflicting Manchester.

Insp Paul Miller said there were 3,388 gun-related crimes during the last 15 months alone , going on paint a picture of the scale of gun crime in the county. It worked out at an average of 226 offences a month, whereas in the West Midlands the figure is 171 - a force comparable to GMP.

The article can be found at;

- Janq is stunned by the numbers

Personal Note: Three thousand three hundred eighty eight!
That is how many people just in the area of Manchester, England who have been involved just in "gun related" crimes. That does not include rape, property theft, car theft, etc. which did not have a gun involved. An average of as stated above two hundred twenty six offenses per month! There are only 30 days on average in a given month. That is a hell of alot of crime.
What the hell?!...England banned guns in 1996, that was 11 yrs. ago!
Guess who has the guns. Hint: It's not the citizenry.
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