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Gun concealment legalities

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While traveling with my gun in the car, I understand that I have to keep it 'in plain view,' such as on the passenger seat. If I were to leave the car for any period of time, would I be allowed to hide the gun in the car to deter theft?

I understand that laws vary state to state, so someone familiar with AZ law would prolly be best to answer this. *I know AZ is a Right to Carry state and that I could just get my CCW, but my question still stands. :)
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and a friend of mine if going to court latter this month for having a chamberd round while on his quad, he was in hunting mode.
not hunting while on said quad just moving to another spot a couple hundred feet away. (not very easy to ride on a very rough rd and try to shoot)
not good to get too far away from something that cost a about 4 grand.
(and is only two years old.)
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