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Got to fondle a superbowl ring today

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Doing some medical training with a guy who shows the doctors how to use this cardiac imaging software, I was talking with him and basically sharing the room because a) there was no other place to sit, and b) every so often he'd need me to answer a question...

We were chatting away about tons of shit when the doctors were away and somehow the conversation gets over to football and he said that he played QB for Howard for 4 years, then played with the pros for a bit.

I'm thinking "you're a pretty small guy for a football player, maybe wide reciever or something" and sure enough he was backup wide reciever for the NY Giants in 1990 when they won the superbowl under Parcells. I never even noticed his big-ass superbowl ring on his hand.

I did a quick Google on they guy and it turns out he only played pro for a single a backup... and he got a ring out of it. :D

Anyway he let me play with it and take a picture. :p Very cool guy.
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Damn you Jamz. That's about all that can be said on that topic.
i don't know if anyone here is a rodney carrington fan, but when i heard superbowl ring and doctor the first thing that popped into my head was when he talked about going to the proctologist
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