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Got my new gaming rig together!!!

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I've finally got my new gaming rig together and have all the kinks worked out.....well, almost all the kinks, anyway. Instead of just listing parts, lets see if anyone can guess what's in there by a couple pics.

Not pictured is my 19" flatscreen moniter and surround sound setup. Some time in the near future, I'll post up some BF2 and some CoD2 screenshots so you all can see how it runs.
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First guess:

Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe, perhaps?
Antec Neo HE power supply?
Dual nVidia 7800 GTX's (either BFG or XFX?)
Unidentifiable amount of ram... I'll guess maybe OCZ or Crucial? (Your pics are too blurry. ;) )
And just for kicks, I'll guess that your lame single hard drive is either a Western Digital or Seagate. :)

Was I close?
correct on the motherboard, can't remember what power supply it is, one of my friends sold it to me, the nvidia's are 7900 GTX's (XFX), and it's 2 gigs RAM.
oh, and an AMD Athalon 64 FX-57 processor.
I hate you... yours is better than mine. ;)

Was I right on the brand of ram and hard drive though?
Right on both, actually. Crucial RAM and the HD is Western Digital.
Correction on the HD, I just swapped it out with a 10K rpm Raptor HD about a half hour ago. Figure that I should probably have the good hard drive in my good computer. :wink:
At least I'm still right... And I still hate you... *really really wants Raptors, but has better things to do with his money* ;)
What to do when there's nothing airsoft or tactical gear you wanna buy... Necropost!!!

Or get some stuff liekthis:

Had to get something for my Core Duo proc to sit in ;P
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I hate you. :p

On the plus side, I now have 2x 74 Gb Raptors in a RAID 0. :D
Plus 2 Gb of ram... Someone buy my computer so I can afford a Mac Pro. ;)
yeah i need to get a raptor to complete my new rig. been running a 7950GX2 on my new dell 24" dell ultra sharp for like 3 months now and its neet :)
I read this entire thread and have no idea what i've just read lol I can tell it's english because I recongize words like FOR THE A MY lol
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