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Got my GLOCK shovel today!!! w00t

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I hear those things KABOOM all the time!

:mrgreen: :lol:
Here's a pic of me eating cereal with it:

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:D Thanks again man! :D
Holy shit, are there any products with the Glock name on them that you don't have yet?
Glock needs to start building cars!!!

I'd sooo rock a Glock car.
I believe you. I'm going to have to get an H&K shovel so I can be cool.
Plstic cars? They're called saturns. :)

Hhahhaha.... They need to fire .45acp wwhen someone cuts you off!!
brucelee said:
Here's a pic of me eating cereal with it:

All nice and clean shaven like a monkey ready to be shot into space. I find that really funny cause of your tee shirt I noticed afterwards.
Now rub it for good luck!!!

This shovel makes an excellent weapon btw. The saw is sharp as hell as could probably cut through a car. (lol, okay, a korean car), and the shovel itself is metal and has a nice edge to it. Its a good thing to keep in your back seat. If a cop pulls me over and asks me what it is, I'll tell him its to scoop up poop after my dogs (which is actually true). heheh
I will say Daniel I do miss the Wayne Static hairdo.

BTW congrats on the first sponsership.The first of many to come we hope.
Dang, I need to get one of those. $30 is cheap too.
ish said:
Dang, I need to get one of those. $30 is cheap too.

They are usually around $50+, but I had the inside connection with a friend. I can get you the same discount if you want one.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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