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Google hates Gunatics. :(

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so I applied for google-ads for this website, google reviewed my website and sent me an email stating this:

Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after
reviewing your application, we're unable to accept you into Google
AdSense at this time.

We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.


- Unacceptable site content

I was like "Unacceptable site content?!". What the hell? What is unacceptable!?

So I did some digging and found the reason they denied me. Apparently they wont allow google ads on any website that promotes any sort of firearm!!! Why!?

I've loved google up until this point. :mad:
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Google is a bunch of left wing pussies
just like ebay and paypal
Thats some pretty gay ass shit. They'll advertise everything else but a gun is inappropriate. Weak what a bunch of pussies.
That last post was me i forgot to log in sorry. But how is it that this site is inapropriate we are promoting firearms in a safe and legal manner.
I gotta agree that is pretty messed up man :(

*looks at his member number*
*looks at the forum genre*
*feels uneasy*
Hm... I think I will get rid of that Google stock and tell them why.... For sure will not use it anymore. They seem to be ok with the libs and lieing anti gunners but not people who talk about there hobby in a safe and responsible way, screw em.
They probably promote bestiality websites but not a gun site hrmmmm
Oh God... one of my friends sent me a link to a picture... related to that... I ended up sending him one of those links were if you click on it.... you cant close the thousands of windows that pop up. To this say his parents still check the history on his computer every day :wink:
You can advertise a link advertising Scheisse flicks but not about a hobby. A guy taking a dump on a chicks chest is ok but not a guy customizing a mauser.

I just hate people anymore....thats why I stayed here in bumfük Iowa. People here mind their goddamn own business.
IIRC One of the pr0n forums i go to actually uses Google Adsense.... Double standard much?
Yeah Google has been anti gun for a long time. If you google gun control a lot of stuff pope up, pro gun not so much. I still use them for a search engine, but that's it.
fuck em. everything they got is free, so let it be.

*backs away quitly from the google*

/me runs
wow, that's a bummer, I love their toolbar, and search, and map, but I guess I won't be getting gmail anytime soon...
George Bush does not care about Gunatics.

And by George Bush, I mean Google.

And let also add that I HATE KANYE WEST! I hope he falls into a well.
It's alright... We don't need them. As long as we get enough sponsorship to keep the forum hosting paid for. :p

And, ironic that we can talk about the same content on NASIOC or any other forum that has google ads, hell, let's see what ads pop up in the gun threads...
Interesting... "Off duty officers" "personal protection agent" and "personal security" come up for me at the bottom of Janq's recent: "OT gun nuts: future weapons today" thread. :p

Can you say Hypocrite? I think you can.
BhamRoadrunner said:
IIRC One of the pr0n forums i go to actually uses Google Adsense.... Double standard much?
Dude, that's fucked up. Google promotes porn, but doesn't promote people discussing responsible firearm ownership and use. That's seriously fucked up.
BhamRoadrunner said:
IIRC One of the pr0n forums i go to actually uses Google Adsense.... Double standard much?

Maybe if we change the site to a porn site real quick apply for the google ad then change it back we can get google to aprove it
that is fucked up. they will promote porn,beastiality, and such but a firearm is a no-no. wow google has much suck.
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