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Adler said:
22 is the cheapest. 1k rounds or about 10 bucks

9mm is about 99 bucks per 1k

Add about 15- 20 per thousand for 40S&W

Add another 15 on top of teh 40 for 45acp

And cheap 44 mag is 15 bucks a box for 50 but more like 20 most of the time.

9mm is your cheapest self defense gun to buy and shoot.
what places have 40S&W at that price becuase i need to stock up on some soon.
I got bored at work last night and went to Dick's and they have 9mm 40 &45acp on sale 5.98 box of 50 Win and Rem umc
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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